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Call for LA Homes 2017

Dwell on Design is searching for unique homes in the greater Los Angeles area to be featured in our celebrated  modern architecture tours. Showcase your home or project to our network of intrepid design enthusiasts during the Los Angeles Home Tours, June 24-25, 2017.... read more

Best of Dwell on Design 2016

By Jaime Derringer | Design Milk              Reblogged article from Design Milk We headed up to LA for Dwell on Design this past weekend and discovered a handful of cool, new designs. Donald Robertson was painting live every day at the Signature Kitchen Suite booth!... read more

Calling All Dreamers…

Do you have an idea for a Dwell on Design Los Angeles panel discussion? Share it with us for the chance to see it onstage in 2017.   SUBMIT IDEAS Speaking of…speaking… here are some of our favorite onstage photos taken at DODLA 2016 (just think, this... read more

Fourteen fabulous flatweaves

Ptolemy Mann, Chromacolour flatweave Reblogged article from COVER Flatwoven or tapestry-woven carpets and textiles have been made by generations of weavers in all corners of the world. The technique lies at the heart of the history of textile weaving, but kilims and... read more

Round Rug Rage

Reblogged article from COVER Circular rugs are all the rage at the moment. Here COVER picks three favorite examples of round luxury carpets. Nodus’s display at the San Simpliciano cloisters in Milan has become a must-see event at Salone del Mobile every April. This... read more

Four Destination Showrooms for Rugs

Reblogged article from Cover Magazine There is no substitute for seeing handmade rugs in the flesh before you buy or commission a bespoke piece. With so much on offer, presenting a multitude of options in an orderly and stylish manner can be a real challenge. Here... read more

8 Exterior Design Trends in 2016

Reblogged article from Arcbazar Interview: 8 Exterior Design Trends in 2016 You Don’t Want to Miss This week we interviewed one of Arcbazar’s most successful designers, Ha Pham. You may know her as Libra K. Ha has participated in 163 competitions on Arcbazar, winning... read more

The Wallpaper Trail

Photo courtesy of Reblogged article from Ocean Home Magazine Move over, paint. The most exciting trend in ocean home decor is wallpaper prints When it comes to ocean home décor, vibrant paints in a spectrum of cool coastal blues, greens, taupe... read more

The Evolution of Urban Planning

Reblogged article from Form Magazine Urban planning has changed dramatically over the years. Let’s take a look at some simple visualizations of complex planning ideas that have changed how we live. Courtesy of Cantrell & Crowley Architects & Interior... read more

Architectural Solutions to Homelessness

Michael Maltzan’s Star Apartments in Los Angeles provides 102 units for housing the homeless. Image via Michael Maltzan Architects. Reblogged article from Archinect Housing First, a federal policy for ending chronic homelessness that grew out of initiatives in... read more

6 Things Arcbazar is Looking Forward to at #DODLA 2016

Reblogged article from Arcbazar Next month we are headed West for America’s largest design show, Dwell on Design. Taking place in Los Angeles (June 24-26), this three-day event is going to be epic. This is our first time joining the event and we are as excited as a... read more

A Glass Act

Reblogged article from Luxury Pools When it comes to living on the coast or in the country, certain things cannot be compromised—you want to enjoy every sunrise and sunset, every sweeping panorama, and that expanse of horizon where your infinity pool meets the sky.... read more

4 Interior Design Hints from Fawn Galli

Reblogged article from Roomhints What is the best way to design your kitchen? Kitchens should be treated as an extension of your home; one of my favorite kitchens I used black wallpaper as an accent to offset the traditional cabinetry. I like to use colors that are... read more

“Playboy Architecture” and the Masculine Fantasy

Playboy Town House, May 1962. Image courtesy of Elmhurst Art Museum. Reblogged article from Archinect Playboy gets lip service as a leader in the sexual revolution, a vanguard publisher of emerging talent in fiction and interviews, and of course, a historic showcase... read more

Beautiful Design in Unexpected Places

Photo Credit: Women In the World Sponsored article from Toyota “Why would anybody care about the design of a temporary shelter for the homeless?” It’s the one question I’m asked more often than any other. And at first blush, it’s a reasonable question. As consumers,... read more

What to see at NYCxDESIGN 2016

Reblogged article from Cover Magazine NYCxDesign, New York’s official design event, begins on Tuesday 3 May, offering two full weeks of exciting design shows happening across the city. Here COVER offers a guide to the best rugs and textiles that will be on display.... read more

Decor Noir

Reblogged article from The Interior Directory How To Go Completely Black In Your Apartment Decor Home Decor : This Paris apartment is a big contrast to the house which we have been talking about essentially Nordic, where we get to see whites and pastel color homes.... read more

2016 LA Film Festival Line-Up

Photo: Looking at the Stars Complete Schedule Announced for the 2016 LA Film Festival; Get your tickets today By Matt Warren, Film Independent Digital Content Manager It doesn’t take a MacArthur-level genius to see that the world could use some good news right about... read more

Stepping House

Reblogged article from Design Space Magazine Hidden behind the unassuming 1960’s facade of this house in Melbourne, Australia, is a large extension with a swimming pool and entertaining area, which is all part of the renovation of the home that was designed by Bower... read more

Santa Monica’s Sway Apartments

Reblogged article from Form Magazine Santa Monica is one of California’s most successful cities for real estate. It consistently leads the region in commercial rent growth. Yet, it has a reputation for being very slow growth. But that reputation is belied by its... read more

Four Rooms Defined by Rugs

Reblogged article from Cover Magazine Long gone are the days when the floor was the ignored dimension of a room, a neutral offset to enhance other design elements. Today, handmade rugs have staked out their claim as effortless centerpieces of an interior. They... read more

Democratizing Architecture: What does that mean?

Reblogged article from Arcbazar Arcbazar is a crowdsourcing platform for architectural design. From the very beginning our goal was to democratize architecture. However, what does that really mean to us? What lies behind the word ‘democratize’? These are not just... read more