Coolhaus, ice cream, new york, architecture
Coolhaus ice cream truck in NYC

For the tiny modernists who visit the show floor each year, we offer architectural ice cream, house kits, and gear from big thinkers. At Dwell, the evolving concept of the modern family is ever present, so we take great pride in offering programming and products for families of all shapes and sizes.

This year, we’ll introduce our Modern Family Pavilion on the show floor, dedicated to our favorite projects from our pages—from great rooms to tree houses. Onstage, design innovators share their approaches to creating products and spaces that parents, children, and extended family members can all appreciate. As always, attendees 12 and under are admitted to the show free.

Coolhaus, ice cream, new york, architecture

Coolhaus I.M. Pei-Nut Butter Sandwich

Natasha Case had always been fascinated by what she calls Farchitecture: the marriage of food and architecture. After studying architecture and then working in the field at Walt Disney Imagineering, she and her business partner, Freya Estreller, had an epiphany. They filled a barely mobile postal van with ice cream sandwiches named after architectural legends (with names like Mies Vanilla Rohe and Frank Behry) and headed out to the Coachella music festival, and Coolhaus ice cream was born.


Design, architecture, family, DwellLille Huset eco-friendly, DIY "doll houses."

For her part, Alyson Beaton—like most architecture students—became fascinated with cities and their buildings, and started creating eco-friendly, DIY “doll houses." Beaton founded Lille Huset—“little house” in Norwegian—and will bring examples to the show floor. Catch Case and Beaton onstage with Dwell Editor-in-Chief Amanda Dameron for a discussion on how architecture inspired their respective businesses. Also, look for the Coolhaus ice cream truck on the show floor, and sample their Dwell on De-Vine sandwich, debuting at the show. Learn more about Modern Family programming at Dwell on Design.


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