This year, for the first time, the ever-popular Dwell Outdoor will live right in the middle of the show floor, immediately viewable at the entrance. Beneath a stylized “rope-art” canopy created by Sausalito-based Shades of Green and outfitted with their myriad trees and plants, the new Dwell Outdoor, sponsored by Blu Homes and Lumos Solar, promises to inspire. Populating the 18,000-square-foot-plus space will be full-scale structures from prefab companies like Sett Studio, who is “obsessed with energy efficiency, sustainable building materials, and designing thoughtful space.” Similarly green exhibitors such as Seattle-based Method Homes (whose prefab model will be outfitted with new furnishings from Michael Graves, our 2013 Keynote speaker, for jcpenney) and pieceHomes, based on Bainbridge Island in Washington, will populate the area. Also on-site will be LivingHomes, who has had 12 of their homes certified LEED Platinum, and who will debut the new C6 model at the show. Also launching at Dwell on Design will be iT House’s new “prefab product for micro-living,” and Sustain Design will bring its miniHome and what the brand calls its “ideal blend of contemporary design, affordability and function.”

Other exhibiting prefab companies include Stillwater Dwellings, whose structures feature “dramatic natural lighting, intelligent floor plans and premium contemporary finishes,” and Innovative Homes, with their “Part PreFab, All Custom” manifesto. ConnectHomes and mnmMod will add to the conversation on reducing waste and increasing energy efficiency. Terra Trellis and Vessel U.S.A. will be sharing their trellises and pottery, respectively, which are likely to leave you daydreaming about sprucing up your back yard. Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, MAAX Spas, and modern prefab outdoor shower company Oborain will help make those dreams a reality.

Presenting sponsor Blu Homes, who aims to “save you time on being ‘green,’ ” will provide attendees with a place to relax in their 200-square-foot Oasis lounge, while iconic travel trailer company Airstream will display two of their models. Plus, for the first time, Dwell on Design will welcome a high-end fashion brand, Aether, who will be setting up shop in their customized Airstream, christened the AetherStream, and bringing their sophisticated apparel to sell. The Windows Outfitters–sponsored Pergotenda structure resembling a poolhouse will be on-site; they aim to help their customers “maximize and utilize your indoor and outdoor living spaces and allow seamless living between spaces.” Also exhibiting is the Dwell Design Awards 2012 winner for Energy Lumos Solar, who delivers “modules that are faster and easier to install, stronger for industrial applications and have less embodied energy making it the more sustainable choice.” They will unveil their newest product, Lumos SolarScapes, and it is not to be missed in Dwell Outdoor.

Lumos Solarscapes are modular and customizable solar structures that bridge the worlds of function and design.



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