The Latest in Prefab at Dwell Outdoor

Our prefab display will feature a slew of innovative, modern designs by established and upstart companies, from luxury mobile prefabs to modified ISO containers.Read more

Scandinavia's Modern Design Heritage

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A Scandinavian-themed pavilion on the show floor will celebrate the latest designs from Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Sweden.Read more

Method Homes Prefab and jcpenney

As usual, prefab homes abound on the show floor at Dwell on Design. And though we're highly enamored of Method Homes's Paradigm prefab, which is front-and-center in Dwell Outdoor, we're also happy to crow about the interior, outfitted by Dwell Design partner jcpenney . The home continues to draw a crowd on the second day of our show, but if you can't make it to the Los Angeles Convention Center, here's an exclusive look not only at Method's model, but also at new furnishings from the likes of...Read more

Blu Homes to Unveil First Prefab Home Model in Los Angeles

Green prefab homebuilding company Blu Homes announces its first SoCal model home on the occasion of Dwell on Design 2013. Blu Homes , a leader in green prefabricated homes and an exhibiting sponsor at Dwell on Design, announced today that the company will unveil its first model home in the Los Angeles area later this year. Like all Blu Homes, the model is LEED Silver certifiable and solar-ready, but this particular unit has a few adjustments tweaked to the Southern California lifestyle. Floor-...Read more

Dwell on Design: Prefab Preview

A perennial subject at Dwell on Design, prefab housing takes the show floor by storm this year. As usual we've got on-site prefab homes—we're very excited to welcome Living Homes 's C6 model with interiors by EcoFabulous, Sustain Design's miniHome , and a model from Method Homes kitted out with furnishings from our keynote speaker Michael Graves 's collection for jcpenney . We've also got a raft of prefab programming onstage with conversations between prefab's best practitioners and Dwell's...Read more

Blu Homes on the Facts, Myths, Joys, and Challenges of Building Prefab

What is it about the prefab genre that continues to beguile? What took us so long to embrace this way to build homes? Is prefab really a cost-effective and efficient building solution? What’s possible in prefab’s future? Blu Homes cofounder Maura McCarthy and vice president of design and creative director Karl Daubmann will discuss these issues onstage at Dwell on Design . Here now, they give us a preview, and fill us in on how their company is turning the traditional approach to prefab on its...Read more

Prefab Goes Big, Onstage Preview

Prefab is one of our favorite subjects at Dwell on Design, and this year we're picking up the discussion with a variety of prefab panel discussions. One of them, Prefab Goes Big will feature architect Jonathan Davis of pieceHomes and the exciting new large-scale prefab development Grow , on Bainbridge Island in Washington. Here's a preview of what we'll discuss onstage on Friday, June 21st. For our session we're talking about prefab at all scales. Your project, Grow on Bainbridge Island, could...Read more

Desert Canopy House

We're thrilled to have architect Whitney Sander back to Dwell on Design this year to talk about his unusual prefabricated building system. Sander's hybridized prefab approach sees his homes' frames in the factory out of light-gauge steel parts. Then they're bolted together on site. Sander will be talking on Friday, June 21st on our Prefab Goes Big panel about the limits of prefabricated housing and what his system achieves that others cannot. You use prefabricated light-gauge steel in your...Read more

Ecofablous Living Home Showhouse

For the past four years ecofabulous has been partnering with exemplary pre-fab architects and builders to design the Dwell on Design showhouse. The abode always promises to be the highlight of the highly acclaimed event. This year ecofabulous teamed up with LivingHomes to assemble a LEED platinum. For the past four years ecofabulous has been partnering with exemplary pre-fab architects and builders to design the Dwell on Design showhouse. The abode always promises to be the highlight of the...Read more

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