Furniture designer, craftsperson, and community activist Tanya Aguiñiga will be the artist-in-residence at Dwell on Design, bringing to the exhibition an artful, interactive process of providing handcrafted pieces to those living in Los Angeles shelters. Dwell on Design attendees are invited to join Aguiñiga and her team of fellow artists and art students as they upcycle—through painting, weaving, and upholstering—donated chairs, tables, and blankets before donating them to the area shelters. This living installation will be curated as only Aguiñiga can, with her colorful approach to craft, materials, and view of the world around her. The upcycling aspect will ensure as little waste as possible is created in this endeavor that will provide one-of-a-kind pieces, which will be the first objects people receive on their path to rebuilding their lives. “I really like the idea of an interactive piece where Dwell on Design attendees can immediately help improve the life of someone in their own community,” says Aguiñiga. Also look for Aguiñiga on the Demo stage as she hosts additional select craft workshops throughout the weekend.


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