Laura Morton Design

Artist/designer Laura Morton has distinguished herself by creating gardens that transcend daily life and place. Drawing from her extensive travels, training in landscape architecture, photography, jewelry design, and horticulture, she creates beautiful, value-enhancing spaces to be used year-round. Her work begins with an assessment of the property’s architecture and extends to the visible horizons. By listening carefully to the homeowner’s ideas and preferences, she is capable of creating remarkable transformations, adding greatly to the quality of their lives.

Based in Los Angeles, Morton is sought after for her personal, elegant, and whimsical approach to the Southern Mediterranean aesthetic. Specialties include magical outdoor lighting, entertaining areas, dazzling natural gas fire-pits, water features, and an attention to detail that maximizes available space. Her vision for the landscape addresses beauty, sound, scents, and the desire for privacy as well as regard for the natural habitat.

Laura's holistic approach to landscape design considers all aspects of sustainability without compromising ambiance or style. She is an APLD and G-3 certified professional with many award-winning projects that exemplify her specialty of redefining outdoor living and entertaining.

Laura Morton is the past-president of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers, California Chapter and maintains an active role on the current board supporting the rights of landscape designers throughout California.

Los Angeles, CA
United States

Gallery of Work

Entertaining Courtyard with Fire & Water Feature
Den of the Moors
Council Fire Circle
Fountain Garden
Asian Garden Courtyard with Fountain and Privacy Fence
Moroccan Tea Patio


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