RAD LAB’s first project, Quartyard, near the NewSchool of Architecture + Design in San Diego, is an emerging model of urban planning that demonstrates how repurposing vacant land can quickly transform an empty lot into a thriving urban park. By temporarily filling vacant land with unique architecture, small businesses, and vibrant outdoor spaces, the Quartyard offers a dynamic, interactive, and rotating experience with a Southern California sensibility toward the enjoyment of great food, wine, beer, art, retail, and design. RAD LAB's principals will walk the audience through the project.

Sunday, June 22
2:00 pm
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David Loewenstein

Chief Operating Officer



Erika Heet

Los Angeles Editor & Editorial Director, DOD

Dwell Media, LLC


Jason Grauten

Chief Communications Officer/Designer

RADLAB / Quartyard LLC

Philip Auchettl

Chief Executive Officer

RAD Lab.

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