Hankering for a hybrid, clean diesel, electric car, or high mpg gasoline model but are perplexed by the wide range of eco options? Join Ron Cogan from Green Car Journal and CarsOfChange.com, who will offer test drives and ride-alongs in the best new green cars on the market.

With its new ELR electric model, featured automaker Cadillac will lead the fleet of eco-friendly vehicles for attendees to experience during our Green Car Ride and Drive just outside the Los Angeles Convention Center Friday and Saturday, June 20–21. Ron Cogan of Green Car Journal returns as our resident expert on the new green models from Fiat, Hyundai, Kia, Volvo, Porsche, and more. Participants may also enter for a chance to win an electric bicycle or scooter.

Friday, June 20
10:00 am
Room No.: 
Figueroa Drive
Free; Included with DOD Pass
Ron Cogan
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