In addition to featuring over 400 exhibitors on the show floor, Dwell on Design Los Angeles encourages an ongoing design dialogue, showcasing over 70 presentations on three separate stages. Continuous all-day programming on all three stages will range from single-speaker presentations to panel discussions and one-on-one interviews. Each year, we ask designers from all over the world to join us onstage for some of the most salient and thought-provoking discussions about the built landscape.

Programming on Trade Day—Friday, May 29—will be curated especially for trade professionals with an emphasis on our core content tracks: Energy 360, Design for Humankind, Smart Home Technology, and Resiliency. Below is a sample of our 2015 programming—stay tuned for our complete schedule.



The New Face of Affluence (AIA, ASID, IDCEC CEU)
Dwell President and CEO Michela O'Connor Abrams will explore the profile of the affluent design-centric consumer and the impact of their influence and purchasing power across all industries. The presentation will take a close look at the emerging trends, shifting attitudes, and changing purchase behaviors of this crucial customer base.
Friday, May 29, 2:00 p.m.–3:00 p.m.

AIA/LA Behind Great Restaurant Design
The day before the AIA/LA Restaurant Design Awards on Saturday, May 30, the finalists will appear together onstage to present slides of their restaurant designs and explain their influences, motivations, and processes. Attendees will hear not only from the visionaries behind these exciting new spaces, but from the three judges as well. The judges will talk about what caught their eyes on each project and invite discussion about present and future restaurant design trends and inspirations. Visit AIA/LA's site for more information on entering.
1.0 AIA LU, or .1 AIA CEU.
Friday, May 29, 3:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m.

AIA/LA Restaurant Design Awards
The AIA/LA Restaurant Design Awards (RDAs) honor excellence in the design of restaurants, cafes, bars, lounges, and nightclubs. These popular awards attract an array of industry-leading architects, interior designers, celebrity chefs, and restaurant owners, as well as design media from all over the world. The awards recognize both Jury winners and People’s Choice winners, which are voted on by the general public at in three categories: restaurants, cafés/bars, and lounges/nightclubs. LEARN MORE
Saturday, May 30, 5:00 p.m.–5:30 p.m.

3D Printing and Architecture
How is 3D printing affecting how we approach architecture and design? What are its effects on digital modeling and intellectual property? Architects Alvin Huang and Jenny Wu will discuss their firms’ foray into the medium and the ways in which it can, as Huang says, “revolutionize the industry.”
.1 AIA CEU pending

Negative Space and the Built Environment
Visual noise. Lot-hogging boxes. Are architects leaving enough negative space in their buildings? Join Los Angeles architect Dan Brunn for an exploration of how the absence of form enhances the overall architectural experience, and ways to provide valuable pauses in the built environment.
.1 AIA CEU pending

Innovations in Prefab
A panel of prefab architects will join us onstage to reveal the most up-to-the-minute developments in the industry, and discuss the full-size prefab homes on the Dwell on Design show floor. Topics will include the hybridization of prefab and advances in sustainability. Architect Whitney Sander will present his Desert Canopy House in Palm Springs, to be featured in an upcoming issue of Dwell.
.1 AIA CEU pending

A Lautner Odyssey with Helena Arahuete
Dwell welcomes architect Helena Arahuete of Lautner Associates onstage for a presentation of her life’s work. Arahuete began collaborating with world-renowned architect John Lautner in 1971 on the Arango Residence in Acapulco. She served as Project Architect on numerous Lautner projects, and rose to become the Chief Architect in John Lautner’s office until his passing in 1994. Araheuete will walk the Dwell on Design audience through her career, touching on her collaborations with Lautner, how she continued his vision on many projects, and how she introduced her own on many more.
Saturday, May 30, 3:30 p.m.–4:30 p.m.

Energy Storage
For years, dreams of a bright green future fueled by clean renewable energy have been tempered by the inconvenient reality that the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind always blow. But that may at last be changing. Janice Lin, the executive director of the California Energy Storage Alliance and the chairwoman of the newly founded Global Energy Storage Alliance, joins us at Dwell on Design Los Angeles for a discussion about recent advances in both grid-scale and home-scale energy storage, and their potential to reshape America’s energy future.

Modern Design for an Aging Population
Good design, quite simply, is for everyone. We’ll explore this notion onstage with architect Barbara Bestor; joining her will be architect John Dutton, the author of New American Urbanism: Re-forming the Suburban Metropolis. The pair are pursuing a future of senior housing that is “much hipper, creative, connected, and modern, both a shared place of social gathering and unabashedly part of larger neighborhoods and an urban infrastructure,” explains Dutton.
.1 AIA CEU pending

Designing a Home for a Lifetime
Seattle architect Gary Gladwish, AIA, will join us onstage to talk about the accessible, environmentally efficient home he designed  for his mother, artist Marie Gladwish, on Orcas Island, Washington. Set on a forested hillside and featuring zero-step entries; nonslip, radiant-heated concrete floors; wide doorways and ample natural light, the single-level, contemporary structure is meant to be a home for the long-term.
.1 AIA CEU pending

Design Gives Back
Vanessa De Vargas (of Turquoise in Los Angeles) and Vanessa Kogevinas will discuss their pro bono design charity work around Los Angeles, and provide tools for designers to give back to people in need in their communities. Their work includes new, uplifting spaces for Freehab, The Teen Project, People Assisting the Homeless (PATH), and other area shelters and facilities.

Revitalizing the L.A. River
According to landscape architect Mia Lehrer, “We have forgotten about the L.A. River and its importance to us and our survival.” She’ll discuss her contributions to the Los Angeles River Revitalization Plan, which aims to enhance flood storage and water quality, enable safe public access, and restore a functional ecosystem.

Architecture and the Arts
Join Cary Bernstein—a San Francisco-based architect, an Adjunct Professor of Architecture at the California College of the Arts, and former Chair of the SFMOMA A + D Forum—and Annie Chu, a principal at CHU+GOODING Architects, in a lively discussion about how to design residential spaces for displaying artwork. The architects will share case studies, dispense advice, and field audience questions.
.1 AIA CEU pending

The Future of Live-Work Spaces
An innovative design by M-Rad Studio aims to rethink the live/work concept in Las Vegas. The Inter-Act tower is part of a $350 million initiative to revitalize downtown Las Vegas, spearheaded by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. Designed by Matthew Rosenberg of M-Rad Studio, the structure aims to be the ultimate live-work space that eliminates the need for residents to commute to their offices. Rosenberg will discuss the project in depth onstage. Photos courtesy of M-Rad.
The Power of Living Renderings: Freedom from 3D and Paper Plans
Can you visualize the wing of a 747 as the roof of a house? How about a residential home ‘split in half’ with a reflecting pond flowing down the middle to the front of the home forming a pool below the front door? David Hertz, FAIA, uses innovative and unusual materials to achieve beautiful and environmentally conscious design. This is a unique opportunity to learn more about David Hertz’s unique conceptual process and his firms approach to conceptualizing and presenting their innovative work through the medium of ArchiCAD.
Saturday, May 30, 12:00–1:00 p.m.

Build Client Confidence through Green Home Design
After you meet all of the requirements for green certification, and all the ‘boxes’ are checked, what comes next?  Hosted by San Francisco–based builder Michael Strong, this program will discuss opportunities to seamlessly incorporate sustainable design and building principals into your business in a way that will surely pique client interest. In addition, it will explore the Do’s and Don’ts of effective sustainability messaging that can increase green homes sales. This session will be held in a classroom overlooking the show floor.
Saturday, May 30, 11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.
1 CE for NAHB’s CAPS, CGA, CGB, CGP, CGR, CMP, CSP, GMB, GMR, Master CSP, Master CGP, and MIRM

Upcycling Office Furniture
As the regional A&D workplace manager for Allsteel, the world’s second-largest manufacturer of office products, Carole Nicholson became frustrated by the amount of discarded office furniture and cubicle walls ending up in the landfill. She conceptualized the ReFRAME project, a recycled public pavilion made from office materials for Houston’s Hermann Park. Nicholson will discuss how projects like ReFRAME can help us rebuild smarter while keep costs down and waste to a minimum.

Successful BIM Implementation Starts with the Principal (AIA, ASID CEU)
Architect Mark Christopher is a principal and a CAD Nerd. He’s experienced office conversion from hand drafting to CAD, which is why he took his own firm from hand drafting directly to BIM. He transitioned his firm to ArchiCAD in 1988. He knows transition can be clunky, especially when the senior staff aren’t learning the software and leading they way. Mark has 25 years of transition lessons to share with firms who are moving from CAD to BIM or for firms stuck in adoption of BIM.  With a focus on custom homes and private clients, Mark relies on the latest and most advanced visualization capabilities of BIM to communicate designs intent to clients. By modeling every detail, nothing is left to chance. Owners see the entire design, and well-reasoned choices are made with full disclosure and well in advance of construction. Surprises are good surprises. Mark’s extensive experience will share best practices for transitioning to BIM, and he’ll explain how architects can seize its new capabilities to communicate projects to clients and win more jobs.
Presenter: Mark Christopher, Sanctuary Architects
Friday, May 29, 3:30 to 4:30 pm
.1 AIA and IDCEC CEU pending


Online Presence: Navigating Design Resources
Explore and discuss the intent and benefits of online design resources and communities, including Dwell Design Source, nousDECOR and Laurel & Wolf. Hear from designers on how they use these online tools to engage in the design community, create a professional presence, and promote themselves to potential clients.
Presenters: Mark Cutler, Allied ASID (Chief Designer, nousDECOR), Leura Fine (FOUNDER and CEO, Laurel & Wolf) and Brooke Williams, Allied ASID (ONE Real Estate + Design)
.1 IDCEC CEU pending

Positive Design and The Power of Designers 
Design is powerful. It affects whether we blossom or deteriorate, how we think and act. When interior designers practice positive design, the occupants of the spaces and objects they develop live their best lives. Positive design is a new way of thinking about the development of spaces and objects, one that maximizes the benefits of desirable experiences and minimizes the repercussions of negative ones. It focuses on the subjective well-being of the people who will use a space or an object—in other words, on making them feel better about themselves and their lives long-term while they enjoy themselves short-term. This session will be held in a classroom overlooking the show floor.
Presenter: Sally Augustine, Ph.D.
.1 IDCEC CEU pending

Client Contracts for Designers 101
Hear directly from ASID’s own legal counsel on the importance of contracts as an essential tool for designers and to add them to your practice. Explore ASID’s new portfolio of residential form agreements, with differing fee structures that allow designers to pick and choose options and customize contracts for each client and project. This session will be held in a classroom overlooking the show floor.
Presenter: Alan M. Siegel
.1 IDCEC CEU pending

More Money, More Profits
It's a dilemma for nearly every business professional: you want to increase profits, yet you're leaving money on the table with suppliers, clients, trades, and retailers. In More Money, More Profits, interior designer Kimberley Seldon reveals her Top Strategies for plugging the gaps in profitability and increasing job and customer satisfaction through a unique 15 Step Project Management Plan. A dynamic and engaging crowd pleaser, Kimberley’s no-nonsense approach leaves the audience “fired up” and armed with specific techniques to transform lackluster profitability within the first month of implementation.
Presenter: Kimberley Seldon
.1 IDCEC CEU pending

Invoicing and Collecting Billable Hours
For a thriving, successful interior design practice, you need to establish a firm policy around producing invoices and delivering them in a timely fashion to clients. Providing clients with a systematic approach to paying your fees is not only good for the professional, it’s good for the client who needs to properly budget and see the project/money managed effectively. A firm policy for collecting for billable hours ensures the design professional can run a business without threat to cash flow in order to focus on aspects of the work that move projects forward. In this session, Kimberley will demonstrate best practices, consider the most effective strategies for getting paid without negotiation or delay and eliminate cash flow problems forever. This session will be held in a classroom overlooking the show floor.
Presenter: Kimberley Seldon
.1 IDCEC CEU pending

Introduction to the REGREEN Residential Remodeling Program
Green remodeling is the design and construction of projects that reduce the environmental impacts of renovation and utilize non-toxic materials for healthy, high-performing interiors. This course features REGREEN©, the green residential remodeling program that emphasizes whole-house systems thinking, professional integration, and green design methodologies. By the end of this course, participants will be able to explain REGREEN principles, access the REGREEN Guidelines in two formats, perform a comprehensive home assessment, identify climate and site characteristics in REGREEN case studies, and implement REGREEN strategies into their next remodeling project. This session will be held in a classroom overlooking the show floor.
Presenter: Rachel Hulan, ASID, CID
.1 IDCEC CEU pending

REGREEN: Materials Selection and the Specification Process
This course expands upon the strategies found in the REGREEN Residential Remodeling Guidelines© and delves into the details of the designer’s role in creating effective design and materials directives. By the end of this course, participants will be able to assess the health and environmental impact of materials using third-party certifications; select durable, non-toxic building materials, furniture, and finishes that contribute to healthy IAQ; specify lighting, appliances, plumbing fixtures, and equipment that maximize energy and water efficiency and ensure healthy IEQ and thermal comfort; write comprehensive and detailed specifications to unequivocally communicate design intent and materials selection; and customize interactions with every team member, subcontractor, and trade according to their communication style and preferences. This session will be held in a classroom overlooking the show floor.
Presenter: Rachel Hulan, ASID, CID
.1 IDCEC CEU pending



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