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Phase I: The remodel and addition to an existing single-family residence built in 1922.

In order to preserve the current building setbacks the city code required 50% of the exiting building to be preserved while the remaining 50% is allowed to be demolished. Existing building walls and foundation were encased in the new construction, while the new portion of the building is constructed entirely of concrete block. A masonry wall running through the house marks the two halves.

The residence, built in 1996, is divided into two zones with public spaces on the first floor and private spaces including bedrooms and bathrooms on the second floor. A roof deck takes advantage of ocean views to the west and the Santa Monica Mountains to the north.

Large expanses of glass take full advantage of views, passive solar conditions and connect exterior spaces with the interior.

Phase II: The new building finished in 2004, consists of a living studio, garage and below grade recording studio. It is separated by an exterior landscape and patio space.

  • Area: Santa Monica, CA
  • Livable square footage: 3,785 sq. ft
  • Number of bedrooms: 3 bedrooms and 1 detached studio
  • Construction completed: Original House: 1910 1st Remodel: 1996 2nd Remodel: 2004
  • Mazess House: Exterior Additions

    View of both the 1st and 2nd Additions. 

  • Mazess House: 2004 2nd Addition

    A studio and recording space was added to the Mazess House in 2004.

  • Mazess House: Interior

    Perched atop a hill in Santa Monica, the Mazess House is filled with natural light.

  • Mazess House: 1996 1st Addition

    The Mazess House first “addition”—considered such for the retention of a portion of the original 1919 home’s footprint—was incorporated in 1996 by AIA Award–winning Michael W. Folonis.

  • Mazess House: Studio
  • Mazess House: 1910 Original House

About the Architect

Michael W. Folonis, FAIA, is known for his thoughtful, dedicated approach to regional modernist design. He is selected by clients who want signature building design that is simultaneously efficient, elegant, sustainable and responsive to our Southern California landscape. He approaches his work with a generous spirit of inquiry, infusing each project with an awareness of environmental responsibility, context, theory, function, and the maximal use of form, materials and natural light.Mr. Folonis has 27 years of experience in design, programming, construction and management and founded his own firm, Michael W. Folonis Architects, in 1983. Mr. Folonis leads every project from conceptual design through full realization. His broad base of experience ranges from mixed-use, multi-family residential, medical, commercial, and single-family projects. He also has extensive experience in the restoration of historically significant Modernist architecture. His office has established itself as one of the leading innovative architectural firms in Los Angeles. His work has received design awards from the state and L.A. chapters of the AIA, The Westside Urban Forum and multiple design publications. The work has been published nationally and internationally, and exhibited in Japan, France, Italy, and Germany.Mr. Folonis holds a master's degree from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and a bachelor of architecture degree from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-ARC). In 2008, he was elected to the College of Felows by the National Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. He has served as a chairperson of the Architectural Review Board in the City of Santa Monica since 2004. He is a board member of the Santa Monica Conservancy. Mr. Folonis has taught at SCI-arc since 2002, and previously taught at California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, California, for 20 years.


Owner: D.B. Mazess
Builder: D.B. Mazess

Michael W. Folonis, FAIA

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