design enthusiast
 (en·thu·si·ast) derives from ecclesiastical Greek (enthousiastḗs, “an enthusiast, a zealot”), from (enthousiázein, “intransitive be inspired"), which means a person who is highly interested in the pursuit of an interest, i.e. of design.

Get Inspired at Dwell on Design

Design Enthusiasts

When you're an enthusiast, you're all jazzed up about a cause. A design enthusiast is someone who is really passionate and excited about design with purpose. There are many avenues for enthusiasts to draw inspiration: watching design shows on TV, following design bloggers, searching Pinterest for concepts and ideas, or spending hours on Houzz.

TV and online are great options, but why not get inspired LIVE?

  • See, touch, and feel high-end design and architectural products in person
  • Experience design at its highest level in homes designed by top architects and designers
  • Hear direct the designers' and architects'  thoughts and vision behind the innovative spaces they've created
  • Meet authors of best-selling architecture and design books, hear them speak and have your copy autographed
  • Shop on the event floor and discover treasures you can take home
  • Bring your current home design or build project and meet one-on-one with designers and architects from the top associations, for free
  • Explore the event floor to discover design resources and get inspired

Join us at Dwell on Design for the complete LIVE design and architecture experience.

Designed for Enthusiasts

Brands at Dwell on Design

Exhibit Hall

Dwell on Design aims to have participating brands that collectively represent what it means to be modern. Interiors, exteriors, and everything in between... each Dwell on Design brand encompasses a certain uniqueness. A uniqueness that strives to answer the question of where modern will take us tomorrow.


The Shop

The Shop is Dwell on Design’s popular shopping neighborhood featuring fresh collections of personal accessories and products for the home. The platform provides studio designers with booth displays to sell their work to discerning consumers and industry insiders.

Dwell Outdoor // #onlyatDOD

Dwell Outdoor

Dwell Outdoor transports attendees to an innovative outdoor setting. With contemporary outdoor furnishings and prefab homes, this has been a favorite stop on the show floor since its inception.


Prefabs // #onlyatDOD

Show Homes

Full-scale prefab show homes feature an array of appliances, furnishings, and finishes, creating an exciting, real life, experience. Located within Dwell Outdoor, this unique opportunity allows attendees to see integrated products and design solutions implemented in full-scale living spaces.