(ex·hib·it) derives from late Middle English (exhibiten, "to show") or the Latin (exhibitus, past participle of exhibēre), denoting to manifest or display in an exhibition.

Exhibit at Dwell on Design - The Largest Modern Design Fair on the West Coast

Dwell on Design celebrates international design showcasing the latest trends and products, gathering architects and designers with industry tastemakers for a sensory experience in Los Angeles.

  • April 5-7, 2018 | LA Convention Center

This year, Dwell on Design will move to April. The new show dates better place the fair within the active spring buying season and take advantage of the busy press season when many companies traditionally launch new product lines.

  • Focus on Architecture + Design

From the high impact content on the main stages and studio learning areas, to the insightfully designed sensory spaces on the event floor, Dwell on Design keeps attendees returning each day of the fair to discover more. 

Make the smart decision for your business and be a part of this complete design experience.

Specialty Exhibit Areas for Exhibitors

Exhibit Hall at Dwell on Design

Exhibit Hall

Dwell on Design aims to have participating brands that collectively represent what it means to be modern. Interiors, exteriors, and everything in between... each Dwell on Design brand encompasses a certain uniqueness. A uniqueness that strives to answer the question of where modern will take us tomorrow.

Exhibit in The Shop at Dwell on Design

The Shop

The Shop is Dwell on Design’s popular shopping neighborhood featuring fresh collections of personal accessories and products for the home. The platform provides studio designers with booth displays to sell their work to discerning consumers and industry insiders.

Dwell Outdoor // #onlyatDOD

Dwell Outdoor

Dwell Outdoor transports attendees to an innovative outdoor setting. With contemporary outdoor furnishings and prefab homes, this has been a favorite stop on the show floor since inception.

Prime Edition at Dwell on Design

Prime Edition

Dwell on Design is committed to presenting the work of studio designers, especially the work of talents new to the field. Prime Edition is a market showcase to present and sell custom work and limited-edition collections of furniture, lighting, accessories, and fine art.


Amie Gilmore // Show Director // Dwell on Design

Amie Gilmore

Show Director
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Britta Jensema // Dwell on Design

Britta Jensema

Account Executive
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Kerry Cree // Sales Manager // Dwell on Design

Kerry Cree

Sales Manager
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Reed McMillan

Reed McMillan

Leader, Int'l Architecture & Design Network
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